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Rules For Membership


+Memento Mori+


Memento Mori is a Latin phrase that means ‘remember you must die’

In our professional lives we face death each and every time we put on our uniform. We hug our families and walk out the door of our homes knowing, in the silence of our minds, it could be our very last goodbye. However, we must not let the fear of death prevent us from honorably providing for our families and serving the community. We must live each day of our lives to its fullest. At Memento Mori LEMC, our priority list is simple. First come our blood family, second comes our honorable professions and thirdly, our club family. Remember you must die, so don’t forget to make memories by living.

To those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, we thank you and we salute you! Rest easy, we’ll hold the line from here.


Memento Mori LEMC was founded in the spring of 2021 by a small group LEOs in Minnesota. The club was molded by a group of brothers who share a passion for two wheels and the open road, as well as a passion for serving the community. Memento Mori LEMC was made official on August 21st 2021, with its original 7 members. In February of 2022, Memento Mori became a registered Non-Profit organization. We continue to serve our communities day in and day out.

Requirements for membership

Sec 1.

  1. – All members (with the exception of the original 7) must first complete a “Hangaround” period of undetermined length before you may be invited to “Prospect” with Memento Mori LEMC.

  1. – All potential “Patch Members” must be legally determined male at a minimum age of Twenty-Five and work in Law Enforcement (Corrections Officer, Police, Conservation Officer, Peace Officer, etc.) or be Military. Both active and retired in good standing are allowed.

  2. – All potential “Patch Members” must complete a “Prospect” period of no less than six months (unless otherwise determined by the founding board), and not to exceed one year. At the completion of the one-year prospect period, if the “Prospect” is not voted in as a “Patch Member” he may be asked to extend his prospect period for, up to, another six months. This would be a “Last Chance”. At any point, if a “Prospect” is determined to not be a fit for Memento Mori LEMC, he shall immediately return all “Prospect” specific club wear.

  3. – All “Prospects” prior to their prospecting period, must show proof of obtaining a full and legal motorcycle endorsement/license. Also, should any Member or Prospect lose their motorcycle endorsement/license, they must report it immediately to the Founding Board, Sgt At Arms.

  4. – All prospective members are subject to a background check.

  5. – All “prospects” must obtain a motorcycle of minimum club standard before the end of their “Prospect” period. The minimum club standard motorcycle is a cruiser type with displacement class of no less than 600cc or 36.5ci. With a strong preference to classic American V-twin motorcycles. Members may own other styles but are expected to ride a bike of minimum club standard while representing the club. (Unless otherwise approved by the Founding Board for special reasons)

Sec 2.

  1. - All Members will provide proof of a permit to carry a firearm if they wish to carry while representing Memento Mori LEMC. The Member will follow all pertinent laws regarding the carrying, concealment and use of firearms while representing the club. “Prospects” are not permitted to carry while representing the club, regardless of their legality to do so.

Sec 3.

  1. – All Memento Mori images, likeness, patches and support wear are the property of Memento Mori LEMC and as such, NO depiction of Memento Mori LEMC or Prospects or their Families along with Memento Mori LEMC images and support wear, may be shared on social media, with the press or reproduced in any way without written approval from the Memento Mori LEMC Founding Executive Board. Members and Prospects are prohibited from being photographed with any 1% outlaw club or their supporters while representing the Memento Mori LEMC. (Unless approved by the Memento Mori LEMC Founding Executive Board).

  2. - Members and Prospects are required to wear their Cut/Colors or assigned prospect wear whenever riding, as long as it is safe to do so.

  3. – Members are expected to keep a “Clean Cut”, No unauthorized pins or patches are allowed on or in club Cuts/Colors.

  4. – Only Full “Patch Members” are allowed to wear the Memento Mori LEMC cut/colors or “Patch Member” specific clothing or tattoos. Full “Patch Members” may obtain “Ol’lady” or Domina Mori specific wear for their wife, common law wife or girlfriend of no less than one year. Prospects must wear “Prospect” specific wear or other approved club wear at all times while representing Memento Mori LEMC.

  5. – “Patch Members” and “Prospects” are required to wear their Cut/Colors at all meetings and club events. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action by the SAA and/or the Founding Executive Board.

  6. – Patch placement must follow the patch placement form provided by the Founding Executive Board at request of a “Patch Member”

Sec 4.

  1. – Members and prospects may not belong to any other Motorcycle Clubs. This does not include non-MCs such as AMA, ABATE, HOG, or casual church riding groups, etc. The Founding Executive Board of Memento Mori LEMC reserves the final determination rights on whether a secondary group is a conflict of interest.

Sec 5

  1. – All “Patch Members” and “Prospects” will report any significant legal interaction to their SAA. Any criminal charges of Petty Misdemeanor or higher must be reported to the Founding SAA within 72 hours of receiving the charge. Likewise, if any “Patch Member” or “Prospect” immediate family member, (Wife, Child, common law Wife, Etc.), Has any major legal interaction, it must be immediately reported to the Founding SAA.

  2. – All illegal drug use and/or excessive alcohol consumption or advertising of such, is strictly prohibited while representing Memento Mori LEMC.

Sec 6

  1. – “Patch Members” and “Prospects” are required to attend 70% of all mandatory club functions. This includes, but is not limited to, 12 monthly club meetings and 4 mandatory events/rides. Mandatory rides/events will be determined by the Executive Board before the beginning of each riding season or April 1st, whichever comes first. Alternative events/rides may be determined by the Executive Board throughout the riding season/year.

Code Of Conduct

All Members and Prospects of Memento Mori LEMC are required to uphold the highest level of professionalism. Members and Prospects are strictly prohibited from illegal activity. All Members and Prospects are to treat others with the utmost respect at all times. All Members and Prospects are to interact with the community in a friendly manner. Members and prospects of Memento Mori LEMC are forbidden from fraternizing with 1% outlaw groups or their supporters while representing MMLEMC in any way. We are protectors of the people, here to serve and protect. Act as such.


Discipline for breaking any Memento Mori LEMC rules, regulations, or bylaws, will be determined by the Founding Executive Board via the chapter SAA and the Founding SAA. Actions may include, but are not limited to, fines - strip of rank – strip of colors – chapter shutdown.

Termination of Membership

Should any member be terminated, any and all club property shall be immediately returned.  Club property is an article that only a patch member or prospective member is allowed to wear.  No refunds will be given for any reason.  Should the member have a Domina Mori, all Domina Mori articles are to be returned as well.  Any member specific tattoos shall be covered up in no more than 3 months from termination.


Members who wish to vote on any topic up for vote, must be present at the meeting where the vote takes place.  Members may be present by phone or video if necessary.  All votes are majority, pass or fail unless determined by the Founding Board that it must be unanimous.

Executive Board Terms of Service

All members of the Executive Board were appointed or voted into office and the term of their position is indefinite unless they are removed from office by unanimous board vote of the remaining board members.  Or the member steps down from the board.  Or the member acquires retired member status.  In order to be removed from office, a member of the board must pose a significant risk to Memento Mori’s wellbeing or public image.

Founding President- the Founding President shall have the power to appoint all chapter Presidents and SAA’s as well as the Founding Boards Vice President and SAA.  The Founding President may also appoint this decision to anyone they see fit.

-The Founding President shall hold all the rights and duties described under the “President” section, but rather than a single chapter, the Founding President will oversee Memento Mori LEMC as a whole.

-Members of the Founding Board, Vice President, SAA, Wiseman, Road Captain- shall oversee their respective roles to the club as a whole. Their rights and duties to Memento Mori LEMC as a whole, can be found under the sections titled with their respective titles.

- The Founding Board shall reserve the right to supersede any chapter vote

-The Founding Board shall reserve the right to make revisions to the club bylaws at any time.

-The Founding Board reserves the right to refuse membership for any reason.

-The Founding Board holds all rights to the club’s name in conjunction with the Memento Mori LEMC center patch and top rocker.

- The Founding Board reserves the right to strip any chapter or chapter member of their colors for any reason. (a hearing will be offered)

- The Founding Board holds all rights to the Memento Mori LEMC Corp Non-Profit Organization.

- The Founding Board reserves the right to fast-track any hangaround or prospect period as long as there is a unanimous vote amongst the board.

- All Founding Board members are superior to any chapter officer, President and/or member.

Rank Descriptions:

President: The President is the First in command, the chairman of the executive board. AKA the CEO. Any business or otherwise, will be brought to the Presidents attention and he will decide what, if any, action will be taken. The President is to open and lead all club meetings. In the event the President must be absent, the VP will fill his role for that meeting. No final decisions can be made without the President’s approval. The President will decide on all matters not listed in the club bylaws, with the assistance of the executive board when he deems necessary. The President shall represent the club in all business matters unless he appoints a member of the executive board to do so. In the event of a tie in voting, the presidents vote shall be considered the tie breaker. Any contracts and/or applications shall be approved and signed by the President. The President shall always act and make decisions based on the best interest for the club as a whole. In the event the president is permanently absent from the club due to death or any other reason, it will be the duty of the Vice President to fill the role of President until the board initiates a vote to patch a new president. It is mandatory that a new president be voted in no more than 30 days after the absence of the former President was deemed permanent. The President reserves the right to call a “Presidents Meeting”. A Presidents Meeting (Emergency Meeting) may be called at any time by any chapter President for their chapter or by the Founding President for the Founding Board, Chapter, or club as a whole. A Presidents Meeting may also be initiated by any Vice President or SAA, but must still be called by the President. A Presidents meeting will not take place any sooner than there weeks after the meeting is called. All members must be notified in writing three weeks prior to the meeting. The notification of the meeting must include topics of discussion (reason for the meeting) as well as any votes that will take place at the meeting. All members are REQUIRED to attend a Presidents Meeting. Attendance by phone or video may be allowed. In order to be present via phone or video, the calling President must be notified, in writing, two weeks prior to the meeting, of why this exception needs to be made.

            Vice President (VP): The VP is the Second in command. The VP shall hold the place of the President in the event the President is absent. The VP will hold all the responsibilities and power of the President in this situation. The only time the VP does not have the power of the President is when a club altering vote is made. The VP is a voting member of the executive board. The VP reports to the President. The VP is to be present with the President at all times.

Sgt at Arms (SAA): The SAA is the Third in command. The SAA is a voting member of the executive board. The SAA is the protector of the club as a whole and is in charge of protecting the club’s members as well as image. The number one duty of the SAA is the protection of the clubs President. The SAA shall be by the Presidents side at all times during all club functions including rides. The SAA is the lead enforcer and shall have the power and responsibility of deputizing other patched members as enforcers as he sees necessary, With the approval of the President and/or Vice President. All enforcers shall report to the SAA. The SAA is responsible for all new member and prospective member files as they pertain to the safety, security, and image of the club. The SAA is in charge of all firearms related business and files. Should there be any threat to the club or its members, the SAA is to immediately bring it to the attention of the President.

            Wiseman (WM): The Wiseman is Fourth in command. The WM is a voting member of the executive board. The WM shall act as the executive board advisor. The WM Is in charge of club business records. The WM is in charge of keeping the board up to date on any changes related to the business aspect of the club. The WM shall keep the minutes from all church sessions. The WM shall keep record of individual dues paid by members. The Wiseman shall assist the Road Captain as needed for event planning. The WM shall be the event director for the club’s charity events, working closely with the other members of the executive board.

            Road Captain (RC): The Road Captain is Fifth in command. The RC is a voting member of the executive board. The RC shall be in charge of all club travel. The RC shall plan, in advance, all club event runs and present the plans to the executive board in a timely fashion. The RC shall lead the club during all scheduled event travel. The RC is in charge of enforcing all club rules while riding. Should the RC find anyone not following club rules while riding, he shall report the infraction to the SAA. It is the duty of the RC to communicate and organize with, any outside agencies for club runs and events.

            Gunner: The Gunner, aka Tail Gunner, Is the assistant to the Road Captain. The Gunner will report directly to the RC and help in any way the RC needs in the planning an execution of any Club travel. The Gunner will be the RCs lead road guard during MMLEMC event rides. The Gunner shall be the RCs eyes and ears at the rear of the pack. The Gunner shall watch out for, and report to the SAA, any danger to the club during travel.

Enforcer: Enforcers are chosen by and report to the SAA as he sees necessary. Enforcers shall enforce club rules as directed by the SAA. The Enforcers job is also to protect all club members as directed by the SAA. Only a full patch member with time totaling no less than one year, may be an Enforcer.

Secretary: The Secretary is the assistant to the wiseman. The Secretary reports directly to the Wiseman. The Secretary will assist in any and all areas the Wiseman oversees.

Full Patch Member: A full patch member is someone who has earned, through loyalty and commitment to the club, the honor of wearing full club colors. A full patch member is a voting member of the club and shall be present for any, all club, votes.

Prospect: A prospect is a prospective member of the club. The prospect was chosen for a purpose by one or more full patch members and has a full patch member as a sponsor for the entirety of the prospecting period. A prospect has not yet earned the honor of wearing full club colors but has earned the honor of wearing “prospect only” clothing. All prospects must have completed hangaround status for no less than three months (Riding season) unless otherwise voted by an “all patched member” vote.

Hangaround: A hangaround is a person who may or may not have intentions of prospecting with the club but can ride with the club during any non-formal events.

Memento Mori LEMC

In time of uncertainty and unrest between the community and our professions, we must, and we will show the community, as Law Enforcement and Military personnel, we are here to protect and serve our communities both in and out of the uniform.

Meet the requirements and are interested in joining? Contact us today!

Membership/ByLaws: FAQ
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